Welcome to JBE AUTO PARTS.


Thanks for your interest in JBE Auto Parts. JBE is a seller of OEM used tire pressure sensors, window switches, center caps, key fobs, airbags, emblems, along with other auto parts. We are always listing new items as they come in, and continue to expand our line to include additional auto parts.

JBE Goals

1) JBE AUTO PARTS's customer service goal is simple: We are committed to providing our customers total satisfaction, every customer every time. Guaranteed. Please feel free to drop us a line to share your thoughts on anything, at jbeautoparts@jbeauto.com. Or give us a call at (386)492-6483. All comments are welcomed.

2) Leave every person we encounter better in some way than when we encountered them.
3) Offer items that are in demand.
4) Provide written descriptions, and photos, that convey the true condition of a given item.
5) Provide good communication with buyers throughout entire transaction.
6) Fast shipping, and good packaging. By cushioning items well, and shipping within 4 business days of payment.
7) Be consistant by following the written policy, stated in every listing.
8) Treat buyers the same after payment is made, as before payment is made.
9) Continually learn, and improve procedure. As to increase sales, and overall profit.
Thank You, for providing us the opportunity to achieve these, and other unstated goals.

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If you need immediate assistance, please e-mail us at jbeauto@jbeauto.com.